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Bridge your organization's cyber security skills gap with Mandiant Academy's elite mix of training courses, certifications and real-world exercises led by top experts in the field.

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Be Confident in Your Readiness

To thwart cybercrime, security professionals must arm themselves with the most up-to-date information, finely honed skills and real-world training and development by effectively using the latest cyber tools and techniques.

Mandiant Academy offers a variety of education formats led by an elite team of instructors to accommodate your specific needs. Our rigorous certifications program allows students to maintain their cyber-readiness and combat the next generation of inevitable cyber challenges.

  Improve Security

Flexible Formats

A range of education formats to suit many learning styles and organizational needs


Expert Instruction

Hands-on learning, training and development from frontline cyber experts


Learning for All Levels

Training for all levels, from beginner to advanced

 Improve Security


Career-enhancing certifications in incident response and cyber threat intelligence analysis



Well-Rounded Courses

Leading-edge topics covering incident prevention, detection, and response – with a focus on threat intelligence for data-driven decisions


Continuous Learning

Access to all Public Training for a single fee with the Mandiant Academy Learning Pass

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Diverse Selection of Formats

Personalized learning starts with education formats that suit various situations and student learning styles, along with an option of customization, to meet the specific goals of your security team.


Take our web-based training courses anytime, anywhere.

  • Access that fits your own schedule
  • Interactive assessments
  • Best practice cyber intelligence frameworks and operations


Private and public courses delivered on-premise and remotely to individual security professionals and organizational teams.

  • Frontline expert instructors
  • Reality-based case studies
  • Hands-on keyboard exercises

Free Previews

Sign up for a free, sneak preview of three cyber intelligence courses:

  • Foundations: Introduction to Intelligence Requirements
  • Foundations: The Intelligence Lifecycle
  • Research: What is a Branch Model

Incident Response Training

Students gain first-hand knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), tools and malware to apply on the job.


Cyber Security Training

Learn about best-practice intelligence frameworks, attacker tradecraft, remote file inclusion (RFI) analysis, investigation lead development, and more.


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Our rigorous certifications program includes proctored examinations and a role-based model that trains your security teams in incident response and threat intelligence analysis. This evaluation will upskill your security team’s investigation, analysis, and response capabilities against real-world cyber incidents.

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ThreatSpace™ Cyber Range

ThreatSpace is a technology-enabled cyber range that assesses and develops your security team’s technical capabilities, processes and procedures when responding to real-world threats.

This is done in a consequence-free environment, through a simulated infrastructure that includes network segments, servers and applications.

Students investigate and respond to simulated attacks with real time coaching from our instructors. After, your team will receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, along with an actionable best practice roadmap for improvement.

Cyber Intelligence Training FAQ

What does effective cyber threat intelligence (CTI) training include? expand_more

Effective CTI training describes threat attribution methodology and proper intelligence handling. It covers the main components and characteristics of a cyber threat group and examines operational and strategic intelligence from an attacker’s point of view.

What does effective incident response (IR) training include? expand_more

Effective IR training covers investigative techniques and processes required to effectively detect, contain and remediate a cyber security incident. It describes common forms of endpoint, network and file-based forensic evidence collection. It explains the phases of a targeted attack life cycle and principles of analysis, along with short- and long-term strategies to improve enterprise response and security resilience.

What does effective threat intelligence analysis training include? expand_more

Effective threat intelligence analysis training describes how to use raw tactical threat intelligence to weigh connections and relationships to build a set of related activities that correspond to a group of threat actors. It covers factors to consider when researching attacker activity for help determining the who and why behind a cyber attack.

Expertise On Demand

Ask an Expert your most challenging security questions and utilize flexible units to access our training and cybersecurity consulting services.

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